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Prix GoMedia 2011 : soumettez votre candidature dès maintenant!

La date de soumission des candidatures pour les cinq prix GoMedia 2011 – important rendez-vous international avec les médias, orchestré par la CCT – approche à grands pas.



07 juillet 2011

The clock is ticking down on the deadline for the GoMedia 2011 Awards. The awards ceremony is a much-anticipated part of GoMedia Canada Marketplace, the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s prime international annual media get-together. This year GoMedia takes place at the Shaw Conference Centre in  Edmonton, AB, Sept. 18-22.

There are five awards up for grabs this year, but you’ll need to hurry as the closing date is looming: July 16.

Sharing travel tales, whether by great stories, eye-grabbing headlines or dazzling images and videos, is one of the big motivating factors in attracting all types of travellers. These awards are open to travel media, bloggers, Canadian industry partners and PR professionals alike. 

  • Online Media Centre Award: for the most innovative and user-friendly media centre by Canadian tourism partners, including convention centres, visitor bureaus, PR firms and hotels. 

  • Best Travel Blog Award: original Canada travel content that inspires readers to think of Canada as a travel destination as well as provoke comments and other interactivity. 

  • Top Canadian Travel Story Award: open to journalists who took part in GoMedia trips in either ’09 or ’10 and generated the best story that motivated travellers into coming to Canada.

  • Top Canadian Travel Story Award–Foreign Submission Print: open to all international journalists who took part in GoMedia trips in either ’09 or ’10 and produced the most compelling story to get travellers on their way to Canada. 

  • Top Canadian Travel Story Award– Foreign Submission Broadcast: new for 2011 and open to journalists from Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, South Korea and the UK. The best broadcast coverage that resulted from GoMedia trips in either ’09 or ’10 in either TV, video or radio. 

GoMedia provides Canadian tourism businesses the chance to get some good face time with top domestic and international media, as well as allowing those 125 media reps to swap their own ideas and contacts. Aside from the regular two-day round of speed-dating style appointments, this year’s schedule has CTC industry briefings, a professional development session with an international panel on the changing face of the media plus two workshops on using broadcast assets production and a social-media strategy case study. 


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